9 Helpful Tips for Beginner Artists

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Today, we will be sharing a few tips for beginner artists, and if that’s you, this blog is for you.

Being an artist is not all sunshine and rainbow as it may seem on the outside and these tips are things that I wished I would have known when I was starting out. Being in the art community for years, there are certain lessons that come to you only with experience. These tips we’ll be sharing with you have more to do with attitude than art. These are the things that we have to always keep in mind to keep ourselves in check. So if you want to learn more about it, please keep reading!

Tips for Beginner Artists

Perseverance is key

Starting out is never easy, especially when you’re just testing the waters. When you start putting out your art for the world to see, don’t expect your art career to take off because it takes more effort to reach the success you desire. There’s no such thing as overnight success.

Even when you genuinely love what you’re doing, making art is not easy and will always have its challenges. What’s even tougher is building a livelihood around this passion.

The secret to getting that success? Perseverance. Do not stop making an effort. Don’t give up. Even when you failed more times than you can count, if you want to succeed then you need to persevere.

Develop a thick skin and learn to take criticisms

With any art you produce, there will always be criticisms. If you want to improve, learn to take those criticisms in a constructive way.

Sure, some of these criticisms and negative comments will hurt, especially when they are unsolicited and come from strangers. But keep your ears and mind open for things that you can take into consideration.

Connect with the right people

Make connections with people who share your passion. Whether you like to use the same medium or draw the same subjects, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you have someone in this creative business to confide to and ask advice from. This will be beneficial for you to widen your horizon and get inspired by these other artists.

tips for beginners making a connection

Be realistic

Improvements take time as everything does. So if you’re not getting the results you so desire, don’t despair. Constant practice is the only thing you can do to level up your skills.

Take sketching classes here.

Draw every day

Create a habit of drawing and practicing your craft every day. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike because this will only hinder you from creating your best masterpiece yet.

To be an artist is to have discipline. Whether you feel like it or not, you need to make the time to sit down and draw every single day, even for just a few minutes.

Read books

Read books that are not only about drawing, but also about art in general. You can gain insights and inspiration from other artists’ perspectives.

tips for beginner artists

Take a break

Don’t neglect rest because as much as physical activity can tire you out, mental activity can be just as depleting. Don’t sacrifice rest and sleep because as artists, our body is sacred.

Always try new things

If you have other hobbies aside from drawing and creating art, do them. Do you like watching movies or Korean dramas? Do you like listening to music? Maybe you also like playing musical instruments? YDo them. Maybe you’ll get inspiration for new art when you try new things. Don’t fixate on just one thing, step out from your comfort zone and do something new.

Never stop

Being an artist means that you are ever-evolving as a person. Don’t stop learning new things. Don’t stop from improving on your craft. Never stop expressing yourself in your creations. Keep cultivating and honing your skills. Work on yourself and keep on learning.

tips for beginners

Final Thoughts

This field has so much to offer and as you persevere over the years, you’ll learn that consistency and hard work will always pay off. Don’t be discouraged when you experience failure. That’s only a block on the road to success. Learn how to maneuver from it and keep on persevering towards your goals.

With that said, I hope you learn a little something from these tips.

Good luck!

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