50+ Sketchbook Ideas Anyone Can Do

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Here’s a list of unique sketchbook ideas you can make when you are stuck staring at a blank page, unsure where to start.

Our team has spent an entire day looking up inspirations over the internet and even consulted some of our artistic friends about what they like to sketch in their drawings pads. 

We have curated a list of 50+ sketchbook ideas to get you started or get you out of your slump. Drawing is a personal journey, and everyone takes their own time to improve their skills. With these ideas, we hope to help you in your journey by providing wonderful yet simple ideas that anyone can do. 

Don’t be afraid to mess up. After all, art is never about perfection.

Things in your Bedroom

There’s no need to go outside to get more inspiration if you don’t want to. You are already surrounded by it. Look around the stuff lying in your bedroom. 

Your Bedroom Window

How does your bedroom look like and what does the view from it look like? Sketch this out on paper as detailed as you can.

Credits to toddmrozinski

Your Work Desk

Step back from the space where you do most of the magic and draw how your workspace looks like. 

Credits to Xuan Loc Xuan

Art Supplies

The supplies you use for your art can also be the subject of your art!

A Polaroid Camera

If you have one, great! This is a wonderful piece to draw. If you don’t, the internet is your friend.

A Bookshelf or A Stack of Books

Surely you have a couple of books lying around the room. Stack them up and figure out an interesting way to draw them.

Credits to bluelavaart

Your Favorite Pair of Shoes

Open up your closet and get your favorite pair of shoes out. It’s time to immortalize them in your sketchbook. 

Credits to An-ti Lin

A Vase with Flowers

Whether you keep a vase of real or fake flowers in your bedroom, this will be a great addition to your sketchbook.

Credits to drawingacademy

An Aquarium

Draw your pet fish’s home.

Glasses or Spectacles

Another sketchbook idea is glasses. Lay down the specs you’re wearing for a while and make them the next subject for your art.


You have the option to draw those antique keys, or just make your own set of keys as a model for your next sketch. Either way, you’ve gained another idea for your art!


Really, there is no need to come up with difficult and complicated art subjects. Something as common as food can be it and you don’t have to look further!

A Plate of Apples

Apples are great subjects and most people use them when practicing still life. Sprays them with a bit of water to spice things up.

Eggs on a Table

Eggs have a very easy shape to draw. Line up several eggs on a table and pay attention to how the tone and shade change in each egg. 

Credits to easydrawingtips

A Cup of Coffee

Or it can be a cup of tea! Your choice!

Credits to erikalancaster

Birthday Cake

The icing work on a birthday cake can be fun to draw. Is it anyone’s birthday? Snap a photo of their cake and draw it up!


Here’s a simple sketchbook idea: a jar of honey. 

An Ice Cream Cone

Another fun sketchbook idea is to draw a mouth-watering ice cream cone. Maybe you’ll even crave for one after you’re done…

A Glass of Water

Wouldn’t it be fun to experiment with light and reflection with water as your subject? Add in some ice cubes to make it even more challenging!

Credits to prashanthak

Fruits in a Basket

Don’t limit yourself to drawing only apples, draw a basket of different fruits, too! Have some of them sliced in half to get a variety of textures you can sketch down on your paper.

Credits to Linda Williams


Even if it’s still not Halloween yet, it would still be fun to practice your drawing skills by drawing out pumpkins. Think of an interesting way on how to make your masterpiece unique.

Credits to easydrawingtips

The Kitchen Table

Nope, we’re not running out of ideas! A kitchen table must have some interesting things laid out on top of it. Perhaps a loaf of bread and a jar of jam? Maybe there’s some cheese and a plate of leftovers from breakfast? Even so, your kitchen table is another subject you can put in your sketchbook.


Sceneries are beautiful images to put in your sketchbook. It has different elements that are fun to draw, and it can be a good excuse for you to go outside and get some fresh air. Look at your surroundings and you’ll find a lot of inspiration.

Your Front or Backyard

Sketch out the scene you see outside your house. Capture the scene in a perspective that catches your eyes and snaps a couple of photos for your reference. Or you can spend some time outside and start drawing what’s in front of you.

Credits to bradybot


Trees are wonderful objects to draw. You can draw a group of them or just concentrate on drawing one and perfecting its details. You can draw a palm tree, an oak tree, or even a Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a tree.

Credits to joshuanava

The Clouds

Look up and observe how the sky looks like right now. Is it early in the morning? Or is it already sunset? How do the clouds look like? Is the sky clear or are the clouds heavy with rain? Depict these things in your sketchbook!

An Old House

Old houses have a rickety feeling. Scroll through the internet, find a quaint old house, and get to sketching!

A Garden

Is your mother tending a garden, or are you growing one? In any case, a garden is a great subject to draw. Draw it as detailed as you prefer.

A Lake

Is there a lake near you? You can use that scenery as your model. If there aren’t any bodies of water near you, you can look for inspiration over the internet. 

A Forest Road

Imagine a scene from a movie where the actor is driving in a quiet, uninhabited area where large trees are lining up the road. Sketch out what this scene looks like in your head.

A Seashore

Inject in a summer vibe in your sketchbook and draw a captivating seashore in it. Is the beach calm? Are there vacationers? How many seashells are there? Your imagination is the limit!

Ocean Waves

Of course, the beach wasn’t enough. Majestic ocean waves are also a great subject to draw. 

A Landscape

Do you have any landscape in mind? Put your imagination down on paper.


Animals can be fun to draw. Fur and feathers, the variety of strokes and textures you can come up with are countless!

Your Pet

Do you have a cat or a dog? A hamster, perhaps? Take a photo of your best furry friend and make them into an art piece you can show off!


The unique patterns of a butterfly’s wings make them so interesting to draw. Look up photos of different butterflies on the internet and pick one that sparks your interest.

Credits to debbienew

A Squid

Squids are easy to draw. Add your personal style while you’re at it. 

A Penguin

Penguins are so cute. You can choose to draw them realistically or in an animated cartoon way.

A Turtle

I think it would be really fun to do the turtle’s shell, don’t you think so?


A large animal among the small ones, please? An elephant is a great subject, or maybe even a rhinoceros? The choice is yours.

Plants and Flowers

Head outside to find some colorful inspirations, or take this as an excuse to treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet! 

A Rose

There are so many ways to draw a rose. Put in your personal style on your own rendition of a rose drawing.


Whether it’s a field of sunflowers or just one sunflower, your drawing of a sunflower will no doubt inject a ray of sunshine into your sketchbook.


What’s fun about succulents is that they come in so many shapes and sizes. Look up inspirations on the internet or go outside and look at the collection your mom has in her garden. Maybe this will even inspire you to adopt one!


As we’re on the subject of drawing nature, let’s include mushrooms. Because they are fun and cute and just irresistible to draw!


Make a study of leaves and draw different kinds. Observe the plants and trees around you and make your leaves as detailed as possible.

Credits to jolane

A Willow Tree

With how this tree is structured, you’ll never grow bored exploring and drawing its different parts. Life was a willow and it bent right you your wind…

A Person’s Details

Some artists find it difficult to draw human beings. These sketchbook ideas will help you hone your realistic drawing skills, and you’ll thank me later. 


Drawing hands can be a challenge, but having a model attached always to you can help you with your visualization. Try our different poses or try holding something up.

Credits to annebobroffhajal


Look down and you’ll see an instant subject of your next project.


Eyes are the windows to the soul because they show a person’s feelings and emotions. Draw your eyes or someone else’s and do your best to capture the emotion they are expressing.

Credits to Monika


Plumps lips, thin lips, bleeding lips. You can make anything. Make a study of realistic lips or those Bratz lips girls were so crazy about in the past.


The hair is such a fun thing to draw. You can do an updo, a braid, or curly hair. Take inspiration from mermaids, if you’re still stuck!

Inanimate Objects

Another idea to draw in your sketchbook is non-living things.

A Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons are beautiful and mesmerizing to watch as they glide up in the sky. Go on and look up photos about them on the internet and learn how to draw these whimsical things on paper.

A Message in a Bottle

Bottles come in different shapes and sizes, and one fun way to draw them is by putting a message inside. 

Credits to artpal

A Feather

Whether you depict them in a playful way or in a realistic way, there’s no denying that feathers are fun to make.

A Staircase

We often see a lot of staircases, whether high or low, in real life. Snap a few photos, maybe experiment in the angles and perspective, and draw them out on your sketchbooks.

A Bonfire

Depict some fiery flames on your sketchbook to spice things up. Maybe you can draw a bonfire on a beach, a cozy fireplace, or a campfire. 

A Snowman

Or maybe you prefer a snowy setting? Draw the snowman from your imagination! Or maybe Olaf will do. 😀

A Grandfather Clock

Are you down for something vintage? A grandfather clock is a wonderful subject. Lookup for inspirations on Pinterest to get started!

A Spaceship

Let your imagination run wild and draw how you picture out a spaceship on your sketchbook.

What Now?

You made it to the finish line!

If you have done even just one of the suggested sketchbook ideas we provided above, congratulate yourself for getting out of the art slump! We are happy to be of help to your art journey. Visit our blog for more artistic inspiration!

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