30+ Cute And Simple Things To Draw When You Are Bored

May 15, 2021 | 3 comments

When you want to draw but you don’t know where to start and are intimidated by the blank pages of your journal, it’s nice to have a helpful list of simple things to draw.

Nurturing your creativity does not mean that you should always pay attention to complicated things. Sometimes, even doodling the simplest images can refresh your mind and give you a new perspective on your surroundings.

Here’s a not-so-little list of cute and simple things to create when you feel like you don’t have the energy to do anything complicated. May these things inspire you to pick your pen or pencil up like how it inspired me.

30+ Cute And Simple Things To Draw

An Elephant

Here’s a cute elephant for you to make. Start with the head, then the trunk, draw the ears, and make its body. Add details and you’re done! Easy-peasy.

A Ladybug

These little critters are easy to draw. With just a few circles and line strokes, you’ll create your own ladybug.

A Jellyfish

This may look a bit complicated at first but you only have to start making the head. Draw an upside-down bowl, add a few squiggly lines, and that’s it! Add details as you like.

A Butterfly

I made a side-view drawing of a butterfly to change it up but you can always draw it in the old-fashioned way. There’s no wrong way here.

A Bumblebee

Here’s a cute bumblebee I doodled. It’s so adorable, don’t you think?

A Turtle

I thought turtles were hard to draw until I tried making one. It really isn’t. You only have to draw their shell first, then add their head, hands, and feet. Oh, and don’t forget the tail!

A Koi Fish

This is such a cute thing to add to your art journal/sketchbook.

A Panda

Say hi to my little panda holding his bamboo. Well, at least I intended that to be a bamboo…

A Whale

Draw a whale with a twist! Put him inside a light bulb, hehehe.


Leaves are pretty much a no-brainer to draw.

A Daisy

My drawing isn’t the best here but a daisy flower is one of the simple things to draw when you’re bored.

A Rose 

Here’s a super easy take on drawing a rose. You can see the source here.


There are so many ways you can draw cactus. Here’s just some of them.

A Tulip

Maybe you want to draw a tulip? Tulips are pretty. My drawing, however, does not give it justice. 😅

A Dandelion

I had too much fun drawing dandelions so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on this list.


Tired of drawing flowers? Here, draw a seaweed.

A Cup of Coffee

This is a sign for you to get a hot cuppa.

A Watermelon

Whether you want it sliced or as a whole fruit, watermelons are simple and fun to draw!

A Cupcake

Here’s a fluffy cupcake to make you smile sweetly.

A Lemon

Are you doing okay today? Here, have a lemon.

An Ice Cream

Another sweet stuff to draw. Should I get an ice cream now?

A Donut

I just remembered, I still have a box of donuts at the fridge. 😁


Draw two semi-hearts, connect them with an inverted V line, add leaves, and you have cherries!


Is it someone’s birthday? Maybe draw some balloons!

A Candle

Perhaps you want to make a cute candle?


Here’s something a little bit more detail-oriented but still a very easy thing to create. Mountains.

An Island

It’s summer and it would be nice to go somewhere sunny and bright. Let’s just make an island in the meantime…

The Sun

Or maybe the sinking sun on the beach.

A Hot Air Balloon

Here’s a hot-air balloon to escape reality.

A Shell

Or just a simple shell to add to your doodles.

A Feather

A fancy feather perhaps?

Star and Planets

Oh! Stars and planets are pretty things to make, too. Put them on a string to make them fun.


And here’s a Baymax for a bonus. Yes, this cute and fluffy robot is super easy to draw.


I hope you had fun scrolling through this list of cute and simple things to draw! What are your favorite things to make? Any other things you like drawing? The comment section is open!

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