9 Must-Try Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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Looking for great paint by numbers kit for adults? We got you covered! Scroll down and keep reading!

Since the pandemic started in 2020, we all have been put on pause. One and a half year later, we are still fighting the pandemic and while the situation has improved, a lot of us is still stuck at home.

Over the years, whether we realize it or not, we have developed our own way of coping up with stress. It varies from each individual, from taking walks, going to a quiet place to meditate, baking, exercising, doing yoga, and sometimes we turn to art. Art is another form of therapeutic activity you can do to relieve stress – whether it’s drawing, sketching, coloring, or painting.

A Paint by Numbers kit for adults offers a relaxing and meditative escape that we all need once in a while. And while there is a lot of other art therapies you can do, this is one of the easiest and most accessible because everything you need already comes in one pack.

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What is Paint By Numbers?

The Best Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

What to Look For in Paint by Numbers Kit

Tips for Painting by Numbers

What is Paint By Numbers?

A Paint by Number kit is a canvas with an outlined image with numbers and each number corresponds to a shade of paint that comes with the set.

These kits have been sold since the mid-1950s and now, it’s a product that’s mostly being marketed as an activity for adults to de-stress and practice mindfulness, just like adult coloring books and making mandalas.

Paint by Numbers kits are an effective tool for stress management for both kids and adults, especially when you deal with anxiety. These painting kits help people relax and focus. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy painting without the pressure of thinking about what your design will be and how to color it in.

The Best Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

Here is the best paint by numbers kit for adults that you can choose from to start your creativity and mindfulness journey.

COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers, Lakeside Boat

This image is as calming as it gets and the longer you stare at it, the more details you get to notice. This is great for advanced beginners because there are a lot of smaller details in the painting. This will require a lot of concentration and patience, and if you are not up for that, you can just skip this over.

This package comes in with pre-mixed acrylic paints and all you have to do is cover the canvas with the indicated colors.


  • 3 Different Brushes
  • Size: 16″ W x 20″ L
  • Comes with a hook for hanging
  • Frame not included


  • One coat of paint is all it needs
  • Has smaller details that will hone in your focus and concentration


  • Canvas may be wrinkled and needs to be ironed first before painting
  • Paint can thicken over time

Ledgebay Paint by Numbers for Adults, October

Older adults and seniors will appreciate this kit. There’s no reason to be ashamed when you don’t have the best eyesight because as we grow older, it’s normal for it to diminish. But that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to enjoy these paint by numbers kits.

This particular design, originally by Judy Buswell, features a simple design and color scheme that is perfect for those who do not have 20-20 vision. This kit is great for beginners regardless of the quality of their vision.


  • 16″ x 20″ Rolled Wrinkle-free Canvas
  • 4 Different Brushes
  • Sample reference painting
  • Frame not included


  • Large shapes, easy to paint
  • Simple color scheme
  • Design is exclusive and a portion of the sale goes to the original artist


  • Paint thickness is inconsistent

Paint by Numbers for Adults by BANLANA, Van Gogh The Starry Night

Some people are attracted to a piece of art that they’ve seen time and time again. And that is exactly the appeal of Van Gogh’s creations. One of his famous paintings, The Starry Night, can be seen anywhere, and now, you can make it your own by getting this kit.


  • 16″ by 20″ Rolled Canvas
  • 6 different painting brushes
  • Reference card and Instructions
  • Frame not included


  • Intricate details for more meditation and attention to details
  • A great gift idea for occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving
  • Great for both beginners and experienced painters


  • Paint can easily thicken and dry
  • Some colors are sheer so you’ll have to do layers
  • Some may run out of paint

VIKMARI Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults, Ballet Dancer

Do you want aesthetic decor for your home? This image of ballet dancers warming up in a beautiful color scheme is a great painting to hang up on your wall. Now made easier for you to make, it comes in a paint by number kit with environmental-friendly produced paints that are odorless and non-toxic.


  • Eco-friendly acrylic paints
  • 16″ x 20″ Rolled Canvas
  • 3 Nylon Brushes
  • 1 Magnifier
  • 2 Wall Hooks and Screws
  • Frame not included


  • Simple and beautiful
  • Green and environmental-friendly pigments


  • Some colors are different from the image

TUMOVO Paint by Numbers for Adults Beginner, Mason Jar Floral

Here is another beautiful paint by numbers kit that can tickle the hearts of those who love the watercolor effect. With this set, you’ll get dreamier, muted hues of paint that will create different shades of blue flowers just as shown in the photo. It’s fresh and versatile to be placed anywhere inside your home or office.


  • 16” x 20” canvas
  • 3 brushes
  • Frame not included


  • Materials are non-toxic and safe for both kids and adults
  • Canvas is made of pure cotton and has good water-absorption properties
  • The shop has a 30-day refund policy when you are not satisfied with the product


  • Paints may dry quickly if left uncovered
  • Canvas may require ironing if wrinkled

BOSHUN Paint by Numbers Kits, Flower in The Bottle

If you are into minimal design, this paint by numbers kit is for you. The color scheme is simple, the image is just a single flower – simple and straightforward. The elements of the painting relax you as you paint them one color at a time. There are also enough small details to get you to concentrate and meditate while painting. Overall, this is a great design to get.


  • 16″ x 20″ rolled canvas
  • 3 Different brushes
  • 2 hanging hooks and screws
  • Frame not included


  • The paint is pigmented and the coverage is strong, you only need one layer
  • Comes with 3 brushes and that’s all you need


  • Colors may be different from the reference photo

MiDenso Paint by Numbers DIY, Mermaid Girl

Are you a fantasy lover? This mermaid design is maybe what you are looking for. The details are there, the colors are vivid. I am so sure you’re going to love painting this one.


  • 16″ x 20″ rolled canvas
  • 3 different brushes
  • 24 acrylic paints
  • frame not included


  • Very detailed painting so it’s great for honing concentration and focus
  • The numbers are small but visible and it comes with an instruction sheet


  • The canvas may come folded and wrinkled
  • Some may run out of paint

ifymei Paint by Numbers for Kids, Colorful Tiger

The colors are psychedelic and somehow really attractive to look at. If you are looking for a paint by numbers kit that’s not too complicated, we recommend this one.

The colors are insanely bright and what you see in the reference photo is what you get when you complete the painting. It’s a great thing to do in your free time for stress relief and that much-needed me-time.


  • 16″ x 20″ rolled canvas
  • 3 different brushes
  • Frame not included


  • Suitable for all skill levels: kids 13+ yo, adult beginners, students
  • Vivid and colorful


  • The canvas may come folded and wrinkled
  • Some may run out of paint

My Paint by Numbers, Custom Paint by Number Kit

Do you want to have a unique painting? You can get a customized paint by numbers kit, it’s the perfect way to immortalize a memory! Photos are great, but a painting is awesome. You can gift it to your special someone or just display it in your own room. Either way, having a custom-made paint by numbers kit is a unique painting to work on.


  • 1 numbered acrylic-based paint set
  • 1 pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas
  • 3 paintbrushes
  • 1 hanging kit, including 2 screws and 2 non-track hooks
  • 1 set of easy-to-follow instructions
  • Frame not included


  • You can get any design you want!
  • It’s the perfect gift for any occasion to family and friends

What to Look For in Paint by Numbers Kit

Before purchasing your first paint by numbers kit, here are a couple of factors you need to consider:

Level of Difficulty

A Paint by Numbers Kit is meant for stress relief and relaxation, so pick a design that’s suitable for your skill level. If you get a set that’s too advanced for you, you may get more stressed and end up abandoning the painting, which is not our intention here.

Canvas Size

Most kits have a 16″ x 20″ canvas size and this is perfect for beginners. Always check the canvas size of the kit you are looking at. When something costs so much, chances are it’s a large painting and vice versa.

Image design

There are hundreds of designs today for paint by numbers kits and if you aim to have an original design, you are better off getting a custom one. If not, then you’ll have to do your research and pick up one that appeals to you.

Material Quality

Paint by Numbers kits is made to be used just for that one painting. When you have complete your project, everything is discarded so it makes sense that the quality of paints and brushes are lower than the art supplies you’ll buy individually. Still, there are brands that offer a better material quality than others. For the canvas, check what it’s made of, like if it’s linen or cotton. Always check the reviews of each kit. 

Tips for Painting by Numbers

To get the best experience out of your paint by numbers kits, here are some tips. Just tips, not rules. 🙂

Iron your canvas.

I’m sure you’re excited to get started but before starting to paint, iron out your canvas to get rid of the creases and wrinkles. Just be careful not to burn it!

Consider buying a frame.

Not having a frame is fine. You can still paint your canvas and have a gorgeous result. But having a frame for it will definitely complete its look. Your canvas will be stretched out and stable with a frame and you will have a better painting experience.

Keep your work area clean and organized.

Having a clutter-free area will avoid accidents. Painting is an activity that will require your eyes and if you have a messy area, there are more chances of having accidents when you try to reach out for something you need for your painting.

Cover your paint area with a newspaper, arrange and keep your brushes on one area, close any unused paint cups, and make sure your cup of water is at a safe distance from anything you want to keep dry.

Start from the top of your canvas.

This is an unspoken rule when it comes to painting. Always start at the top to avoid staining and smudging. As for me, I start from the top at the left side working my way to the right and then downward. I’m right-handed and if you are left-handed, you can just do the opposite.

Paint the background first and go from the darkest color to the lightest.

With paint by numbers, it’s easier to start because all you need to do is to pick which color to paint first. My suggestion is to start painting the background first and pick up the darkest color working your way to the lightest one as you progress.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Nobody is perfect and setting your expectations too high will just be your downfall. Shut your perfectionist self up. If you painted over the border, don’t sweat it. Just let the paint dry and paint the right color over it. If you picked up the wrong color, don’t feel so bad. Just let the paint dry and layer the correct paint over it. This activity is meant for you to relax. Don’t fret over mistakes because they can be fixed.

Enjoy the process!

Be fully immersed with the activity and put on some relaxing instrumental as you work through each stroke. You’ll have a beautiful sensory experience as your eyes delight over bright colors, your hands paint through each stroke, and your ears listen to your favorite tunes. Ahhhh, what a great time to just be still and create a masterpiece!

Final Thoughts

A Paint by numbers kit for adults is not just a fun art activity to do. It also benefits you a lot in terms of relaxing, relieving stress, practicing mindfulness, and is just overall a calming process to alleviate a chaotic mind.

Before experiencing it myself, I didn’t really see the point of painting something that’s already made and done for you. But having a pre-made image with numbers to color in made painting less pressuring. You don’t have to come up with a beautiful design because it’s already there. And you don’t have to worry about what color to use because it’s already prepared for you. All you have to do is follow the numbers and paint the corresponding colors on them. Easy as that.

Paint by numbers kits is great for people who want to try painting but don’t have the courage to start from scratch. It’s also great for people who love adult coloring books. It’s the same thing, just not with colored pencils but with paints.

If you enjoyed this article, please do share this with your friends and family.

Have you tried doing a paint by numbers kit? How was the experience for you?

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