Different Mandala Designs To Inspire You

Jun 10, 2021 | 0 comments

There are a lot of ways to draw and design a mandala and I believe there are really no two mandalas alike. In this post, we will be sharing different mandala designs that will inspire you to make your own version.

Mandalas are circular drawings with intricate repeating details emanating from one identifiable center point. Traditionally, mandalas represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhism symbolism. It is also being used in psychological therapies as it has powerful vibrations that will enable one to explore the inner self.

Want to learn how to draw a mandala? Here’s an easy tutorial on how to draw a mandala

Drawing a mandala can be viewed as a mathematical exercise and some people may find it tedious and boring, but for me, creating a mandala is spiritual that can help your mindfulness journey. 

Here are different mandala designs to inspire you to make your own.

Geometric Shapes & Spirals

Bold & Colorful

Flower Inspired

Full of Hearts

Freehand Style

Whimsical Mandalas


Although the traditional mandala has certain sets of criteria you have to follow, when it comes to art, you are only really just limited to your imagination. You can do whatever design you want without being limited to the rules.

The mandala designs shown above are only a handful of the wonderful creations you can take inspiration from. Make your own mandala and put in your own twist!

Remember, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 😉

Enjoy and have fun making your mandalas!

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