How to Draw Mountains in Three Easy Ways

Jul 8, 2021 | 1 comment

When you get into landscape drawing or painting, learning how to draw mountains is essential. In this post, we will be teaching you how in three ways with step-by-step tutorials. Keep reading!

Learning how to draw mountains will teach you how the concept of light and shadow works. This subject can be intimidating to draw especially for beginners but we’ve created an easy-to-follow tutorial so you can draw them with ease like a pro.

Keep practicing and you will soon master it. Of course, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process.

Materials You Need:

How To Draw Mountains in 3 Ways

We have made three (3) tutorials on various levels to aid you in learning how to draw mountains.

Easy (4 Steps)

  • Using a pencil, start by drawing the outline of your mountains. You can draw as many peaks as you like.
  • Trace the outline you made with a fine liner and make the lines rougher and uneven to resemble the jaggedness of mountains like so.
  • Then draw the ridges. This line is where the shadows will be.
  • Lastly, add the shadows by hatching. Do this by drawing parallel lines to resemble a dark and shadowed area on your drawing.
  • And that’s your mountain! Easy, right?

Slightly Easy (9 Steps)

  • Use a pencil and draw the outline of your mountain lightly.
  • Using the light lines you drew in the first step, darken the outline of your mountain and make them rougher. Draw a few peaks here and there, and then draw the ridges of your mountain. Make the lines uneven and ragged as well.
  • Erase the light and original outline you made and darken your final mountain outlines. Draw a few scattered peaks at the body of your mountain.
  • Next step is to draw the shadows of your mountain’s peaks and crevices.
  • Now let’s start shadowing one part of our mountain using the hatching method.
  • Continue drawing your shadows by cross-hatching the darker parts.
  • After you shadowed the half part of your mountain, the opposite side needs a little bit of shadows as well. Add some shadows near the smal peaks and add more details to your mountain.
  • Lastly, to add highlights, erase the lines near your main ridges. This will give the illusion that this is where the light hits your mountains.

Medium (5 Steps)

  • As usual, we start with drawing the outine of our mountain with a pencil.
  • Darken the outlines when you are satisfied with how it looks and don’t forget to add little peaks and make the lines ragged.
  • This part will be different from the first two tutorials we have. Instead of hatching for our shadow, we used a black brush pen to cover all the shadowed area of our mountain.
  • Leave a little blank space in between your mountains to serve as highlights. And add more shadows on the right side as well.
  • When you are done with inking your shadows, this is the time to do the hatching techique to add lighter shadows on the opposite side of your mountain.
  • Refine your shadows and voila, your mountain is done!

More Mountain Drawings for Inspiration

For more inspiration, here are more beautiful yet simple mountain drawings for you.

There are so many ways you can draw a mountain and you can start as simple as you want and then go to the more complicated ones once you got the gist of it.

There are many inspirations you can find online when you are looking for a reference.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process and have fun on your art journey!

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