14 Ways on How to Draw Leaves of Different Kinds (For Beginners!)

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As a beginner, one of the easiest things you can draw is leaves. In this post, we are doing just that. After you go through this blog post, you will learn how to draw leaves of different kinds!

Learning how to draw leaves will brush up your drawing skills as it gives you the freedom to explore different kinds of styles, sizes, and shapes. This can benefit you in the long run so if you are ready, let’s get to it!

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Materials You Need

Parts of a Leaf

Before starting our drawing lessons, let’s begin first with identifying the different parts of a leaf to give us more ideas on what we are drawing.

If you want to be as realistic as possible, knowing the key parts of leaves is important. If you just want to doodle leaves (like me), it’s still good to know this basic knowledge.

How To Draw Leaves

In three to five easy steps, you can draw leaves of different kinds. We shared 14 leaf drawings below in easy-to-follow steps. These will look great in your journals or sketchbooks. Whether you opt to draw these easy doodles or take it a step further by focusing more on the details, it’s up to you.

Get your pen and papers out!

  • Black Walnut Leaf
how to draw leaves - Black Walnut Leaf
  • Beech Leaf
how to draw leaves - Beech Leaf
  • Clover Leaf
how to draw leaves - Clover Leaf
  • Poplar Leaf
how to draw leaves - Poplar Leaf
  • Bur Oak Leaf
how to draw leaves - bur oak leaf
  • Redblud Leaf
how to draw leaves - Redbud Leaf
  • Simple Maple Leaf
how to draw leaves - maple leaf
  • Oak Leaf
how to draw leaves - oak leaf
  • Sugar Maple Leaf
how to draw leaves - sugar maple leaf
  • Ginkgo Leaf
how to draw leaves - ginkgo leaf
  • Ivy Leaf
how to draw leaves - ivy leaf
  • Ash Leaf
how to draw leaves - ash leaf
  • Other Simple Leaves
how to draw leaves - other simple leaves
how to draw leaves - simple leaf

I hope you enjoyed these easy leaf tutorials!

For more easy drawing tutorials for beginners, make sure to visit our blog!

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