How to Draw a Rose for Beginners

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Want to learn how to draw a rose? In this post, we will show you a very easy way to make one. Read up! We have another fun tutorial in store for you!

I used to think roses are a very complicated subject to draw. They have so many petals that curve out in different ways and directions, it would be so hard to put them down to paper precisely as they look. And yes, roses can be complicated to sketch out if you want every detail to appear as realistic as possible, but if you just want to learn how to draw a simple rose, there is an easy and foolproof way.

a drawing of a rose

Roses are delicate and beautiful subjects and they are inarguably one of the most gorgeous flowers to draw. In this tutorial, we wanted to show you a sophisticatedly drawn rose that is very easy to make. It may look complex but don’t let it fool you, because you can make this drawing in a matter of minutes!

If you are thinking that drawing a rose is hard, I want you to refresh your mind and look at this idea from a new perspective. Drawing a rose does not have to be complicated. In fact, it’s quite easy, all you have to do is to pick a pencil and start. Let’s go!

Materials You Need

  • A Blank Paper
  • A Pencil
  • An Eraser
  • A Pen/Marker

How to Draw A Rose

You can choose to start drawing with a pencil first so that you can erase the lines if you made any mistakes, then just trace the outline you made with a marker.

  • At the center of your paper, draw an uneven oval.
  • Draw another uneven oval outside the first one you just made.
  • Branch out a bigger petal outside the second one you drew to make the inner bud of the rose.
  • Draw a curving line downwards that will envelop the inner bud and draw their petals.

  • Draw more petals around the inner bud to make a rose in full bloom.
  • The petals don’t need to be symmetrical or perfect. They can be as different as the other.
  • Continue drawing your petals until you complete your beautiful rose.
  • For finishing touches, you can add a leaf or two.

To make it easier for you to draw, we made a short video that you can follow. 

Wasn’t that easy? In a matter of minutes and a few curved lines later, you have your very own rose. And a beautiful one, if I may add! Remember, the key to improving is just practice and patience. Practice drawing a rose and you’ll become an expert in no time!

We hope this tutorial was helpful in your art journey and that you had fun following this guide. For more ideas on what to draw, we have compiled a list of sketchbook ideas. Check it out!

Happy drawing!

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