Learn How to Draw a Bunny Easily!

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This post is going to show you how to draw a bunny in an easy way. Curious how to make a cute bunny on your own? Then you should read on!

Bunnies are popular among animated films and over the years, cartoon characters have been refined more and more. Some popular bunny characters are Bugs Bunny (Space Jam), Judy Hopps (Zootopia), and Snowball (The Secret Life of Pets). If you are an avid fan of animated films, I’m sure you have watched all of these.

Drawing a Bunny in 2 Ways

Drawing a bunny is easy and this guide will help you do so. With only a pen and a piece of paper, you’ll have your own cute bunny in a few strokes of lines. Of course, you can opt to be extra and have your drawing colored in. Remember, the expanse of your creativity is limited by your imagination!

Let’s begin…

Materials You Need

  • A Piece of Paper
  • A Pencil
  • An Eraser

How to draw a bunny

First Way

  1. The first way on how to draw a bunny that we will show is depicting its body facing the front with its head facing sideways.
  2. Draw the bunny’s nose and snout by making a V shape and connecting two wide U’s under it.
  3. Sketch out the bunny’s cheeks and head.
  4. Add two long ears on its head.
  5. Draw the bunny’s body. Draw a long line along its front and draw the its two paws on the front.
  6. Add its fluffy body and back paw.
  7. To define the bunny and make it fluffier, it’s time to add its fur and whiskers.
  8. Start drawing fur on the bunny’s head. Flick your pencil and mind the direction of your fur.
  9. Draw the eyes of the bunny by making an almond shape on the center of its head. Add two light reflections and shade in the iris.
  10. Continue adding fur to your drawing to define the details of the bunny as shown in the photo above.

Second Way

  1. The second way on how to draw a bunny that we will show is depicting its body at its backside showing its fluffy tail and a side head profile.
  2. Start by drawing a curved line for its body. Then add an inverted C for the back of its head.
  3. Next is to draw its snout and the top of its head.
  4. Add two long overlapping ears to finish the head.
  5. And then add its nose.
  6. Draw another curved line opposite the first one you made earlier.
  7. Add a circle at the bottom part, at the center of the curved lines. This will be the bunny’s tail.
  8. Connect the two curved lines to the tail.
  9. Now that you have your bunny’s head and body, it’s time to add the details.
  10. Draw the bunny’s fur and whiskers by making lines as shown in the video.
  11. Add the bunny’s eyes on its head by making an almond shape. Don’t forget to draw a circle inside the eyes for the light reflection. Leave the inside of the circle blank and shade in the rest of the eyes.
  12. Continue adding more details to define your bunny rabbit.
  13. And you are done!

To make it even easier for you, here’s a video you can watch to show you how to draw a bunny step by step. Enjoy!

We hope this guide was helpful to your art journey. Bunnies are so cute and they are even easier to draw, now that you’ve reached the end of this post! Here are more drawing guides that may interest you: Rose, Unicorn, Mandala.

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