50+ Easy Doodles For Your Art Journal

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We’ve put together a list of 50+ cute and easy doodles you can draw on your sketchbook, notebook, or art/bullet journal. We’ve handpicked such doodles that will be perfect for beginners who are looking for inspiration to have an idea of what to put on that blank piece of paper.

In our drawing practice article, doodling is one of the many practices you can do to improve your skills. Drawing is a great outlet for your creativity and creating these simple and easy doodles can help you unleash what you are feeling inside.

Aside from improving your drawing skills, doodling is a relaxing activity. You can relax your mind and simply focus on the task at hand quieting your mind.

When doodling, I highly suggest listening to music or your favorite podcast! This is totally optional but for me, listening to something while drawing or doodling helps me relax even better and it actually makes my work better.

Materials You Need:

  • Paper or Notebook or Journal
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Colored Pens (optional)

Borders and Banners

Borders are a fun additional doodle to add to your drawings. A lot of people use them to embellish their journals and planners. You can also add borders to your drawings and illustrations to add more details and refine their borders.

Banners make your titles and illustrations more interesting. Here are simple banners you can doodle on your journals, notebooks, and planners.


Here are simple leaf variations that you can recreate on your journals. Remember, this is doodling. You don’t need all of them to be perfect. 😊


Flowers are so fun to draw and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. One tip: just have fun!

Tropical Plants

Any plant-lovers out there? I’m sure you’ll know what a Monstera plant is. Good news, they’re so easy to draw!

Succulents & Cacti

Wondering how to doodle those complicated-looking cacti? My dear, they are as easy as pie. Here are a few variations!


Fruits are easy doodles to make. Here are 15 different fruits you can add to your journals.

Everyday Life

Of course, we can’t forget the mundane things we get to see and hold every day. Here are easy doodle of the things we use daily.

Self Love

Craving for some me-time doodles? Here are cute and simple things you can draw.


Are you a coffeeholic like me? Here are some easy coffee doodles that would be a cute addition to your notebooks/journals!


Fall brings a lot of wonderful things to draw. Here are some of them!


Add some whimsy to your journals by drawing mushrooms!

I have been keeping a bullet journal since 2016 and doodling different things in them has definitely improved my drawing skills. I hope the things shared above gave you inspiration to doodle in yours. They may look a little intimidating at first but once you begin, you’ll see how easy they are to replicate!

These simple and easy doodles will add life to your planners and journals. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Remember that drawing is a process and you will only get better as you do it more and more.

Looking for other things to draw? Here are some drawing tutorials.

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Have fun doodling!

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