30 Creative Hobbies For Adults to Try Out

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As we grow up to be responsible adults, we sometimes find ourselves bored in our idle times. We find ourselves wondering how to find our joys and passion in life, and in some cases, we get to discover what we really love doing when we start doing something. You could only do so much binge-watching until you’re craving to do something else. Here’s a list of creative hobbies you can try out to discover your inner passion. I hope this post will pique your interest and inspire you to do more in your life.

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Why Hobbies are Important

Simple. Hobbies keep your life balanced. It gives you the opportunity to have a me-time in the midst of all the adulting stuff you’re doing. Hobbies help you relax without added screen time, refuel the creative part of your soul, and provide a short escape from your responsibilities.

30 Creative Hobbies For Adults


Drawing is a low maintenance hobby to pick up because all you need is a pencil and paper. With your imagination, you’ll be able to create anything you can think of.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some inspirations to get you motivated.


There are many types of paints you can use and if you want to start painting as a hobby, you’ll need to determine which medium you want to use and explore further.

Creative Hobbies - painting


Acrylic paint is the easiest and most forgivable painting medium to use and it is particularly very beginner-friendly. To begin, you’ll need acrylic paints, f course, a canvas, water, a rug, and a couple of paintbrushes. Here are 20+ Ideas of Easy Paintings for Beginners. https://drawpaintcolor.com/paintings-for-beginners/

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If you’re not great at drawing and conceptualizing what to paint, you can try a paint-by-numbers kit. You can choose from an array of designs and fill them in with colors corresponding to the numbers printed in them. 


Watercolor painting is another type of painting that uses water to activate the paints. With watercolors, you need to use a paper that’s designed to absorb the medium, otherwise, you won’t achieve the effects you want. It’s a challenging medium to practice, but the finished results are gorgeous.

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If acrylic and watercolor paints have a child, it would be gouache, or maybe not really… Gouache paints are opaque watercolors. It has acrylic’s opacity and watercolor’s properties.

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Oil paints are another type of paint that can render a very beautiful life-like painting. It takes the longest to dry and it takes a lot of patience to practice with all its techniques.

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Adult Coloring

If painting is too messy and troublesome for you, you can try colored pencils and do some adult coloring. Grab a box of colored pencils and a coloring book, and just color your heart away. It’s a relaxing and therapeutic way to unwind.

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Digital Art

Maybe you’re more into digital drawing and painting, if so, that’s great because there are a lot of styles you can explore and play with. This creative hobby also has the potential to become a side business if you do pursue it seriously. Invest in a drawing tablet that you can connect to your laptop because this is a more affordable option than buying a 2-in-1 laptop or an Apple iPad.

Recommendation: One by Wacom Student drawing tablet

Creative Hobbies - digital art


This craft is very popular in the early 2000s and it’s been making a comeback in the last few years on Instagram and Pinterest. This creative hobby is very soothing to do and it’s very easy to learn even for those who have never held a needle in their life. Cross-stitching is done by creating several X’s in a grided cloth with a thread and needle. You’ll be following a pattern should you choose to do so or you can create your own design.


If you know how to sew using a sewing machine, you can pick up quilting as your creative hobby. Quilting involves sewing different fabrics together to create a blanket or some other quilted garments.


This is a hobby for people who are interested in making something from yarn. It’s a soothing and calming activity and you can make a lot of different things with it like scarves and sweaters and gloves.

Creative Hobbies - knitting


Just like knitting, crocheting also involves the use of yarn to create something. But unlike knitting, crocheting only uses one needle with a hook on one end to help interlock the loops in the thread.

Creative Hobbies - crochet


Macramé is a crafting technique that uses knots to create a piece of textile that can become a home decor. This hobby has become popular especially last year when people started growing their own garden and wanted to make plant hangers and wall hangings.

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Creative Hobbies - macrame

Needle Felting

This activity involves repeatedly stabbing a needle into a piece of wool to shape and stiffen it up to your desired form. You can make animal figures or any creatures your imagination can create.


Don’t just let your camera sit there to collect dust, pick it up and put it to use by learning and practicing photography skills. There are tons of tutorials online so learning the basics will surely be a breeze.

Don’t have a fancy DSLR? That’s fine. You can always just use your smartphone’s camera!

Creative Hobbies - photography


Filming is such a fun hobby to pick up because you’re not only filming something you love and sharing it with other people, you are capturing and preserving a memory. You can use any device you have at your disposal but if you want to have good quality videos, a good vlogging camera we can recommend is the Canon G7X Mark II.


Starting your own blog is another hobby you can do if you like creating content, writing, taking photos, and collating them into one post. If you have fun stories to tell, or maybe want to share your knowledge in something you’re good at like gardening or the stock market, blogging is a good outlet to share these things with the world. In the long run, if you do enjoy blogging, it can be a potential money-maker.

Creative Hobbies - blogging


This is such a popular art and craft activity and I am pretty sure we’ve all done this once in our younger years. Scrapbooking is a fun way to keep your memories alive. Just by using various papers, personal photographs, stickers, and any other kinds of stuff you can stick in a piece of paper or cardboard, you can create a piece of you can keep and bind into a book.

Collage Art

One of the many creative hobbies adults can do is collage art. It’s done by using a variety of materials like magazine pages, newspapers, photos, book pages, movies tickets and more to create collage art. You can also draw, paint, and color your collage art to add further embellishment.

Creative Hobbies - collage art


Art Journaling

This is a combination of drawing, painting, scrapbooking and collage art. Basically, you create daily entries by making artful pages of just about anything you want to make. It’s one way of documenting your day to day life through art.

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Bullet Journaling

If you like planning and being organized yet crave to have a more creative way of doing it, you should try a bullet journal. Get a dotted journal, write down basically anything you want to put it in like your to-do lists, monthly goals, daily expenses, habit trackers, and then decorate it however you want. You can doodle things in it, do fancy letterings for your headers, or even paint something on one page if the mood strikes you. It’s an all-in-one journal, to be honest.

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Creative Hobbies - bullet journal

Hand Lettering & Calligraphy

Calligraphy means ‘making beautiful handwriting in Greek and this is a craft many artists practice. This is a skill that not many can get into because of its intricacy, but if you want to create beautiful scripts, calligraphy and hand lettering is a great hobby to get into.

Fashion Design

Do you like fashion? Have you ever wanted to just create your own pieces of clothing? Grab a sketchbook and start sketching. This may be the beginning of your fashion designing career!


This is a fun hobby to pick up. It’s the art of folding paper to make it into something else. You can learn how to make paper frogs, cranes, hearts, stars, balloons, and more.

Paper Making

Paper was handmade back in the days when machines were still not invented and the art of papermaking has become popular in the past few years in an attempt to become a bit more environmentally friendly. Collect the pieces of paper that you won’t use anymore and turn them into the brand new paper to generate zero waste.


This is becoming a popular hobby to try these days. Candle-making is both an art and a science because there’s a lot of variables in selecting its raw materials. This is a great hobby for adults where you’ll get to experiment with the candle’s ingredients. You’ll need to choose the right wax to use, the right wick, the dyes, and the fragrances. Candles are customizable and it allows a lot of room for creativity from the candle formula itself up to its packaging and labels.


Another fun craft to make soaps. You can create countless combinations when making soaps and you have the ability to control everything you put in it. You can use glitter, coffee, tea leaves, flowers, and so many more. Do a little research and I’m sure you’ll find lots of tutorials online.

Creative Hobbies - soap making


If you have an interest in plants, you can do some gardening whether you have a whole front yard or just a little sun-lit area in your home. There are a number of beginner-friendly plants you can take care of to start with and just grow your plant collection from there. There is so much satisfaction in seeing things that you’ve grown and taken care of yourself.

Creative Hobbies - gardening

Flower Pressing

Do you love flowers? What if I tell you there’s a way you can preserve them? With flower pressing, you’ll be using a book to flatten up your favorite flowers and let them dry. Once dried out, you can put these flowers into a frame or canvas to display them in your home.


Baking can be your new hobby and you’ll get to learn how to make your favorite treats and pastries.


Do you love food? Why not try creating and making them yourself? Learn some cooking recipes and maybe share them with your friends and loved ones!

Creative Hobbies - cooking


You don’t need a kiln to create beautiful pieces of pottery. Today, there are air dry clay and oven-bake clay available to let you practice pottery easily.

Creative Hobbies - pottery

Wood Carving

With a piece of wood and a knife, you can enjoy carving out different designs and objects on wood. Wood carving is another hobby you can do that can be very therapeutic. There is a bit of a learning curve in it and you have to have the patience to carve detailed and intricate designs, but if you put the effort into it, you’ll be surprised at how this can be something you’ll enjoy doing.

Performing Arts

Creative hobbies also extend to the performing arts like singing and dancing.


This is a physical activity that involves moving your body gracefully with music. There are lots of different styles of dancing you can try like ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary. Enroll in a dance class and maybe you’ll find something you like doing.


Another performing art creative hobby is singing. Learn how to develop your vocal cords and breathing control to improve your singing.

Learning a Musical Instrument or two

Do you enjoy music but not much of a dancer or a singer? Maybe you can try your hand at learning to play a musical instrument. You can learn how to play the piano, guitar, drums, flute, violin, or something else. There are lots of free tutorials online or you can opt to enroll in a music class.

Creative Hobbies - musical instruments

Learning a New Language

It can be daunting but learning a new language is a fun challenge to take on. Whether it’s for your love of particular foreign films, or a foreign band, or to better understand a foreign artist’s discography, you can learn a new language in a number of ways. As long as you have that interest and drive to learn, this is another creative hobby that will definitely give you something valuable in your life.

Final Thoughts

These are just 30 of the many creative hobbies you can do. There are more but these are the most trending recently.

As an adult who has been working for years, I can personally say that making time to do something that you really like is very important. It will keep you sane and grounded and balanced.

Pick a hobby you’ve always loved but have stopped doing or try out a new one. To make it more fun, invite a friend to join and maybe this can be a start of a fun bonding moment for you!

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