10 Easy Ways To Make a Butterfly Drawing

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Learn how to make a butterfly drawing in ten (10) ways with these easy and simple step-by-step tutorials. Read to learn more!

Butterflies are such a sight to see with their colorful and fluttery wings. Kids always admire these creatures and they are always associated with magic! 

The wonderful thing about butterflies is that they are easy to put on paper. Their wing pattern may look complicated but with these easy tutorial below, you can get to do them yourself in no time.

Simple Butterfly #1

Simple Butterfly No. 1

This is a very easy butterfly drawing and all you need are four pen strokes! Color is optional. Grab a pen and paper, and try it for yourself! You can add this to your journals when you want to doodle something on them.

Simple Butterfly #2

Simple Butterfly No. 2

This is the typical butterfly drawing and as always, you start drawing its body, its wings, and then its antennae. Simple but beautiful. Try your best to make the wings look similar in shape.

For final touches, you can choose to decorate your butterfly’s wings with different patterns that you like. Hearts? Stars? Stripes? Anything goes!

Simple Butterfly #3

Simple Butterfly No. 3

Here’s another very easy butterfly drawing to make, the only difference is you are now giving its wings some designs. You can opt to color it in and make it prettier. Maybe add a blooming flower beside it to complete the picture!

Simple Butterfly #4

Simple Butterfly No. 4

Did you know that butterflies cannot fly when they’re feeling cold? They need an ideal body temperature of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit to fly. So when the temperature of the surroundings falls below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, butterflies are rendered immobile—unable to flee from predators or feed. (butterfly facts)

Simple Butterfly #5

Simple Butterfly No. 5

Here’s a fun way to draw a butterfly with a twist! Add some swirls and you get a totally different feel! This will definitely add a little whimsy to your doodles.

Some More Beautiful Butterfly Drawing Tutorials:

I went to YouTube to find more easy tutorials to draw a butterfly and I found a whole bunch. These are my favorites! These are simple butterfly drawing tutorials that any beginner artists can follow. You can use your pencil, pen or marker, or if you are feeling a little extra, you can grab your paintbrush and paints.

Don’t stress yourself too much if you find them a bit tedious. Just have fun. That is the goal here!

Of course, after drawing your butterflies, you can do what you want with them. Fill them up with vibrant colors, draw more patterns in their wings, create a garden as your background, or just leave them as-is. You can draw them on your sketchpads or on your journals or you can paint them on a canvas and display them in your room, or anywhere for that matter.

I hope these easy-to-follow tutorials helped you create beautiful works of art. Drawing a butterfly is easy and all you have to do, like all other drawings, is to draw them one part after the other. Don’t be limited by these videos because there are tons of inspiration you can find sprinkled all over the internet.

As always, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and just know that constant practice is key to improve your drawing skills. Art is messy and the only way to master this is to constantly do them over and over again. Moreover, don’t forget to enjoy and have fun!

For more easy drawing tutorials, visit our blog!

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