30+ Bullet Journal Ideas To Try If You Haven’t Yet

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Do you feel stuck looking at your blank journal page? Try out these bullet journal ideas we’ve curated just for you!

As someone who has been bullet journaling since 2016, I’ve had my share of struggling to come up with ideas on what to put inside the pages of my bullet journal. Moments of being uninspired and stuck for ideas come up once in a while and that is normal.

To get out from that rut, here are some bullet journal ideas and prompts to make you feel inspired again to fill up those blank pages.

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Bullet Journal Ideas

30+ Bullet Journal Ideas To Try


  • Favorite Hobbies – make a page out of your favorite hobbies. You can sketch and draw them, color them in, or just make a list if you’re not feeling particularly creative.
  • Favorite Movie or TV Show Thoughts and Review – What’s a great movie or series you’ve just finished but can’t get enough of? Write all those feelings down in your journal.
  • Favorite Reads of the Month – If you’re a reader like me, you’ll surely have a favorite book/s of the month. This is a perfect prompt to make in your bullet journal. Write down your thoughts about the book, your favorite character, your favorite scene, and the best takeaway you got from it.
  • Favorite Podcasts – Are there any podcasts you’re loving at the moment? You can feature them one by one in your journal!
  • Favorite Poetry – Maybe you like reading prose and poetry. You can make a page on your journal for it.
  • Favorite Song Lyrics – Maybe you have a recent favorite song and a certain part of its lyric is stuck in your head. Yep, that’s another prompt!
  • Favorite Snacks – Cookies? Candy? Chocolate cake? What food do you like snacking on? Dedicate a page for it.

Monthly Prompts

  • Goals Page – You can do this prompt every month or every other month (depends really on you) to track what goals you’ve achieved. Make your goals feasible and direct so they’re measurable. 
  • Monthly Memories – Write down your favorite memories for the month. You can look back on them on bad days to remind yourself that life has happy moments in between.
  • Monthly Playlist Spread – Do you listen to music frequently? Make a monthly playlist of your top 10 songs or any number of songs you like. It’s a fun spread to make! 
  • Monthly Review – It’s good to sit down once a month and reflect on how the days before you went. How was your month overall? Was it challenging? Was it a good month? How did the days feel like? How was your mood throughout the month? Write out your thoughts on this monthly review page. 
  • Quotes Page – Fill one page of your bullet journal with a quote that resonated with you and decorate it however you want.

To Practice Mindfulness

  • Daily Affirmations – To achieve that sense of peace and contentment, we must practice loving ourselves and accepting our flaws. Some positive affirmations can help with that.
  • Daily Routine Page – How does your normal day go by? Jot down or draw what your daily routine looks like.
  • Dream Log – Dreams are fickle and we always forget most of them just after we wake up. If you want to remember your dreams, you can make a dream log so you can look back on them when you want to. 
  • Everyday Gratefulness – Practicing gratefulness every day is akin to being mindful. List down one thing you are thankful for every day.
  • Highlight Of My Day – You can also dedicate a page when something good happened to you. Write down the highlight of your day in detail as you prefer. 
  • Lessons Learned – It’s great to keep track of the things that made an impression on us. Whether it’s something good or bad, the important thing is we’ve learned something from the experience.
  • Mistakes That Shaped You – It’s not pretty to recall the mistakes we made, but it can make a difference when we reflect on these things. We can see where we went wrong and how we can push ourselves to become better.
  • Self-Care Ideas – What are your favorite things to do to take care and pamper yourself? This is the page for that!
  • Things I’m Proud of – It’s good to celebrate wins, even the smallest things. Make a page on your bullet journal dedicated to those things that you are most proud of.


These are pretty self-explanatory.

  • Birthday Tracker 
  • Habit Tracker 
  • Mood Tracker
  • Period Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker 
  • Symptoms Tracker (If you are feeling sick and unwell, it’s better to be safe than sorry)


These bullet journal ideas will be a series of pages to be filled with lists. Do you have mobile applications you want to install and try out? Do you have a reading list? Are there project ideas you’re dying to execute? Do you have bucket lists? These can all be put on your bullet journals!

  • Apps You Want to Try 
  • Books You’ve Read
Bullet Journal Ideas - Books You've Read
  • Project Ideas
  • Seasonal Bucket List 
  • Travel Bucket List


  • Doodle Page – Not in the mood to write anything? Try doodling instead!
  • Interesting Facts – Do you have the penchant for new and interesting facts? Make a spread about it and fill it with some trivial facts you learn every day.
  • New Vocabulary – Do you love words? Make a space in your bullet journal to record the new vocabulary you learned along the way.
  • Passwords Page – Keep track of your email and social media passwords in one page. This will keep you organized and will make sure you won’t be locked out of your account.
  • Sticker Page – Do you have a collection of stickers? Dedicate a page for them!
  • Things To Remember Page – Here’s another bullet journal idea and it’s a twist of the normal to-do list. Do you have some things you need to be reminded of? Write it down on this page!
  • Washi Tapes Swatches – Do you have a collection of washi tapes? Get creative and swatch them in your bullet journal.
  • When You Feel Sad Page – What cheers you up when you feel down? Doodle and write them down on this page.

Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

Before we wrap things up, here’s a list of my favorite bullet journaling supplies.

Bullet Journal Ideas - Favorite BTS lyric

I hope you had fun scrolling through these bullet journal ideas we came up with. I, personally, made some of these and I am still planning to do the rest soon.

What are your favorites? Do you have other ideas that aren’t mentioned in this post? Comment them below!

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