7 Best Sketchbooks for Markers

Jul 15, 2021 | 3 comments

In this article, we will be talking about the best sketchbooks for markers. So if you are looking for a great sketchpad for your drawings, you’ve come to the right place. Read along!

Just like other media, markers need special paper so that you can make the best use out of them. Markers dispense ink that your normal, regular paper can’t handle. When you use thin paper when drawing with a marker, you’ll notice how it bleeds on the other side and sometimes stain the next page.

Wet mediums like markers are demanding and fixing mistakes can be a bit harder. That’s why having the right type of paper to draw on is important to make sure that you don’t ruin your drawings.

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Marker Issues


The biggest issue about markers for artists is that the marker ink bleeds through the paper very easily. The alcohol-based marker ink is very thin making it dry up faster and it makes the marker lines blur and spread over the contours of a paper.

You’d think that using a thicker paper will solve this issue but the thing with thicker paper is it uses up more ink making your marker finish up faster. For this same reason is why papers for watercolor and acrylic are not ideal for markers.

Most artists have simply lived with the bleeding by only using one side of the paper sheets all the time then just putting something beneath it so that they won’t stain the next page.

Ink Feathering

This term is used when the ink leaks outside the area you’ve drawn the marker to. This can happen when too much ink is applied or if the paper is too textured. Ink feathering shouldn’t be a problem when you use smooth, high-quality paper.

What to Look for in Sketchbooks for Markers

Paper Texture and Finish

Most markers bleed through papers easily and this is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing your sketchbooks. If you want to highlight details, crisp lines, and sharp edges of your art, consider getting smooth papers. They are ideal for alcohol-based markers that can refine these features.

If you want your artwork to have that dramatic brush effects while keeping the vibrance of your colors, choose rough surface papers. Also, this type of paper is mostly bleed-resistant so you can use the other side of the paper.

Avoid highly absorbent paper. Those papers made for acrylic, gouache, and watercolor paints are not suitable for markers because those papers are manufactured to be absorbent.

Paperweight and Thickness

The weight and thickness of your sketchbook paper are other things to consider. Since you will be working with markers that dispense ink, you will need a paper that does not bleed through or smear. Therefore the high-quality heavyweight paper is the most ideal option.

Brands use GSM (grams per square meter) to determine the weight of paper. Your sketchbook will need to have at least 135 gsm for optimum paperweight and thickness.

Paper Quality and Color

Another factor to look out for is the paper quality and color. Check the label of the sketchbook and make sure it is acid-free. Acid-free papers prevent discoloration and fading. It preserves the color of your art over time.

Sketchbooks also come in various paper colors. The most commonly used are white, off-white, and ivory, but there are also sketchbooks that come in darker colors of tan, beige, and gray.

Sketchbook Size

This factor will depend on your personal preference. Are you the type to bring along your sketchbooks when you go out? Do you like heading out to draw landscapes and sceneries? If so, you will want a sketchbook that will easily fit into your bag. There are many different sizes of sketchbooks you can choose from and its portability highly depends on your activities and preferences.

Sketchbook Binding and Cover

A sketchbook’s cover and binding will determine its durability and longevity. Sketchbooks with spiral binding will allow you to flip the pages easily and lay them flat on the surface for easy sketching. This is the perforated type and you’ll want this option if you want to tear the sheets easily.

If you prefer to have your pages without perforations, the glue-bound sketchbooks will be your best pick. The downside for this type is that the binding is not very durable, however, you will be able to tear your sheets neatly.

As for the cover, if you want enhanced durability, go for hardbound sketchbooks.


Lastly, you might also want to consider the prices of the available sketchbooks on the market. If you’ve not yet sure about your preferences, it’s better to try the cheaper sketchbook. Test it out and figure out what you like and don’t like about it before spending more on a more expensive sketchbook.

Best Sketchbook for Markers

Canson XL Series Marker Paper Pad

Canson is one of the most reputable and trusted companies for their quality papers for different mediums and that’s why this product is number one on our list. Right off the bat, you’ll immediately know which medium this pad is for and it is specifically designed for solvent-based and Copic markers.

This sketchpad provides you the ideal drawing surface to show off your rough sketches and artistic masterpieces. Aside from markers, this sketchbook is also great for ballpoint pens and pencils.

Its paper has the right weight that’s neither too light nor too thick and holds inks very well. The paper is smooth and is ideal for detailed strokes and crisp lines. The paper is slightly translucent and can be used as tracing paper to create straight lines and detailed sketch plans. What’s even greater is that even though it is transparent, the markers don’t bleed through the paper.

This sketchpad is glue-bound and the sheets are easy to remove.


  • has 100 sheets
  • bleed and smudge-proof
  • smooth paper surface


  • cover is flimsy

Copic Markers SKBK9X12 Sketch Book

If you are looking for a specific sketchbook that will cater perfectly to your Copic markers, look no further because the same company also makes sketchbooks. And this pad is a hefty one. Not only is it bleed-proof, but its papers are also smooth and white that will let you work easily on your sketches.

This sketchbook has fifty 9×12 pages that will give you more than enough space to work on.


  • Spiral-bound that lays perfectly flat
  • Very ideal for Copic Markers
  • The portable size that can fit easily in a backpack
  • Paper is smooth providing excellent blending
  • The cover is thick and durable


  • there is some bleeding when blending some of the copic markers

Crescent Creative Products 12-00011 Rendr Hardbound Sketchbook

This is one of the best sketchbooks for markers and is made with a special patented technology called the Rendr no-show tech that makes it not only bleed-proof but also makes sure that what you made in front is not visible on the other side. With this feature, you can use both sides of your paper without worrying that you’ll ruin the other side. Great, right?

This sketchbook is also hardbound and has a compact size of 8×11 inches which is very handy for you to take anywhere you go.


  • Hardbound so it’s very durable
  • Compact and portable
  • Can be used with other media
  • Bleed-proof, smudge-proof, and has no show-thru tech
  • has 48 pages
  • the paper is smooth and thick (180 GSM)


  • Does not lay flat
  • Expensive than other options

Bee Paper Company Bleedproof Marker Pad

This brand, although not very popular yet, is known for its quality and affordability. This sketchpad is bleed-proof and acid-free, and the papers are smooth and thick allowing beautiful blending and layering. The paper is stark white which makes your drawings and illustrations pop out with color.

The sketchbook is 8.5×11 inches in dimension and you can choose between having 30 or 50 sheets. It is suitable for ballpoint pens, inks, and alcohol-based markers. The sketchbook’s binding is meant for easy sheet removal, too.

With its acid-free white paper and bleed-free design, this Bee Paper Company book is one of the best sketchbooks for markers.


  • you can choose between 30- or 50-sheets
  • has a classic size that will allow you enough space for drawing and sketching
  • this sketchbook comes in different sizes
  • affordable than other brands


  • some bleeding is noticed when using Copic markers
  • the binding is not very durable

Strathmore 566-8 500 Series Hardbound Mixed Media Art Journal

Strathmore is a reputable brand that has been providing high-quality paper products for decades. This hardbound mixed media art journal has crisp white sheets that are 8.5×11 inches in dimension. This sketchbook is great not only for markers but also for other mixed media.

This journal has 32 sheets of thick white paper that is highly bleed-proof so you can use both sides of the paper.


  • Hardbound and compact
  • Paper is pure cotton fiber, acid-free, and lignin-free


  • might have bleeding when you layer on too many colors

U.S. Art Supply Spiral Bound Sketchbook

This sketchbook is spiral-bound and is exquisite for your marker drawings. Its design makes it easy to flip and lay flat every time you sketch or draw.

The paper of this sketchbook is smooth and can hold markers without smudging and ink feathering. It is acid-free, which prevents the paper from discoloration and becoming brittle over time. It’s not only suitable for markers, but it’s also great for pens, pencils, charcoals, pastels, and more.

This sketchbook has durable hard cardboard back so you can draw with ease even when you don’t have a flat surface.

The size is portable as well, as it’s only 5.5×8.5 inches in dimension. You might think it’s too small but it’s really designed to be pocket-sized that will allow artists to take it with them wherever they go.


  • Compact and portable
  • smooth and acid-free papers
  • has 100 pages
  • has sturdy cardboard back for support


  • Pricey for its size

Leda Art Supply Perfect Premium A5 SketchBook for Markers

This sketchbook is perfect to take with you when traveling. Its compact size is highly portable and it has a flexible waterproof cover. The sketchbook lays flat and it has an expandable pocket inside to keep extra papers, and it also has an elastic band to keep it closed.

This sketchbook is 8.25×5.55 inches in size and has 160 pages of 130GSM cream-colored paper. Papers in this sketchbook are smooth and perfect for markers without ink feathering on the pages.


  • Compact and portable
  • has thick pages
  • can be used for mixed media
  • has a smooth writing surface
  • the cover provides great all-weather protection


  • Copic markers may bleed through the paper


What is a sketchbook for markers?

Just like the name suggests, it is a type of notebook made specifically for markers. The paper for this sketchbook provides a great workable surface for markers that will display your drawings, illustrations, sketches beautifully.

This type of sketchbook is ideal for markers. The paper’s characteristics such as weight, texture, finish, color, and thickness are made to cater to markers.

Why do you need sketchbooks for markers?

Markers dispense ink and regular thin papers can’t handle them. When you use a marker and draw on a regular piece of paper, it would result in bleeding, smearing, ink pooling, and feathering. This will make your artwork messy and unpleasant to the eyes.

If you are serious about making art with markers as your medium, it is highly recommended that you find the best sketchbooks for markers. With these sketchbooks, you won’t have to worry about bleeding and ruined artwork.

What are the most trusted marker sketchbook brands?

Some trusted sketchbook brands include Canson, Strathmore, Bee Paper Company, US Art Supply, and Leda Art.

How to use the sketchbook?

You use these sketchbooks just like how you use any regular sketchbooks. There are no rules or guidelines. You have all the freedom to use them as you want.

Where to buy it?

These sketchbooks are available on your local arts and crafts stores and they are also available on various shops online like Amazon and eBay.

We have linked the products mentioned above and these are affiliate links, which means when you buy through the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission to help us keep running this website.

So there you have it, we’ve gathered the best sketchbooks for markers to help you make your purchasing decision easier and more convenient. We’ve highlighted each sketchbook’s pros and cons so as to let you know what to expect when you do get them.

Overall, the choice will be entirely yours and will depend on your preferences and the techniques that you use.

Lastly, we hope this post has been helpful to you. As always, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your art journey!

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