The Best Paint Pens for Canvas

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Taken up painting as a hobby and now you’re looking for the best paint pens for canvas in the market? This is the article for you! Scroll down to keep reading.

Because of how saturated the market is right now, it can be a little bit tedious to shop for art supplies that are good quality and cost-effective at the same time.

To help you out, we’ve deduced and gathered the 10 best paint pens for canvas so that shopping will be easier for you.

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What to Look for When Buying Paint Markers for Canvas

Before making any purchases, there are some things you need to consider.

The variety of colors

When you shop online, you’ll have a lot of color options and it can be overwhelming. Don’t be shaken. The larger the pack does not mean that it’s the better pack. The main thing is that you get your money’s worth. So before checking out a product from your cart, make sure you really need the colors you’ve chosen so that you won’t have any duplicates.

The type of canvas they can be used on

You also have to consider the type of surface you are painting on. If you are painting on fabric, find paint pens that are suitable for fabrics. Not every marker can be used on every type of surface because the chemicals differ between different types of markers or brands.

A lot of sellers would claim that their markers are suitable for different types of surfaces, but it is still important to understand how each application on different surfaces yields different results. Different surfaces absorb paint differently so make sure to look out for this factor when you purchase your paint pens.

Water-based versus oil-based paint markers

The two main types of ink used in most affordable paint pens are water-based and oil-based.

Water-based ink is classified into acrylic and watercolor type of pigments, and they are reportedly more environmental-friendly as they emit less intense fumes and odors. This type of paint also dries faster and can be easily washed off.

Oil-based pens use oil to bind the pigments, most often is Linseed oil. They take longer to dry compared to water-based paints, but once dry they are highly durable and resistant to elements. They are harder to clean up and emit a more intense odor.

The level of tool toxicity

This can be one of the most important factors to consider because it can affect the user’s health. You’ll have to make sure that your paint pens don’t contain toxic chemicals.

Paints are usually manufactured with harmful chemicals which can be detected through the odor they emit. These days, paint manufacturers have found a way to minimize the use of toxins and acid in the paint production process, providing safer products to consumers.

Always check the label to make sure that the paint markers you purchase are non-toxic.

10 Best Paint Pens for Canvas

Artistro Acrylic Paint Markers Medium Tip

From canvas to rocks to fabrics to ceramics and glasses, the Artistro Acrylic Paint Markers can be used fully to your heart’s delight. The versatility is incredible and it does not compromise its effectiveness. The paints adhere to various surfaces permanently and they stay vibrant through time.

It has a high tolerance to abrasion but still, avoids scratching through the paint when they are set and dry.

The pigments dry fast so you won’t need to wait for long hours and the medium tips can be used on various projects.

This paint pen is non-toxic and emits less odor, although sniffing too much of it can still be bad for your health.


  • Very versatile and can be applied to various surfaces
  • Dries immediately
  • Permanent and durable
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Non-toxic
  • Great for beginners
  • Great value for money


  • Not dishwasher-safe

Uni-Posca Marker Pen

This is one of the most popular paint pens in the market and for good reason. These are very versatile, they can be used on a variety of surfaces including plaster, glass, canvas, wood, and metal, etc.

Although when you apply them on a nonporous surface, they will get scraped off the surface. But they adhere really well to porous materials such as paper and wood.

These paint pens are waterproof, lightfast, and non-toxic. They also don’t bleed, unlike alcohol-based markers. These markers are often used for craftwork and making signs.

Both adults and kids adore using this brand.


  • Dense and opaque ink great for layering
  • Waterproof when dry
  • Does not smudge
  • Water-soluble and can be diluted for creating a gradient effect
  • Dries quickly
  • Reversible tips for longer shelf life


  • The red paint pens lean over toward an orangey tone
  • Light colors need to be applied for several coats to be visible over dark colors

Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Dual Tip Paint Markers

This is a professional-quality paint pen. It’s made with premium materials and does not bleed when applied to fabrics.

These are non-toxic and can be used by children. they are fade-resistant, machine-washable, and highly pigmented even after washes.

The fine tip of this marker is ideal for outlining and the wider tip can be used for coloring larger areas. You won’t experience any drying out from these markers and they really perform remarkably well.


  • Very versatile; can be used on canvas, fabrics, clothing, camping gear, etc.
  • Pigmented, machine-washable, and fade-resistant
  • Non-toxic and children-safe


  • The ink smudges when not totally dry

STA Acrylic Paint Markers

These are acrylic paint pens and they are one of the best paint pens for canvas. They are flexible and versatile as they can be applied to most surfaces. They are usually used to design mugs and glasses, and they work fantastic. The paints dry quickly and are permanently vibrant.

The tips are medium-sized which offers easy control, and a high level of flexibility. You can use these paint pens in drawing, writing, and sketching. They are also non-toxic, almost odorless, and eco-friendly.


  • Available in 12 vibrant colors
  • non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly
  • Dries quickly and permanently
  • Water-resistant


  • Needs to be warmed up to get sufficient paint flow

Aen Art Fabric Markers Pens

This set comes in 30 different colors and the assortment is amazing. Different shades of colors are available so blending colors are easier.

These markers are great for fabric use. The paint sets quickly and will stay vibrant even when washed.

The pen paints come with bullet-point nibs that are great for outlining and detailing. Just don’t put too much pressure on the nib to prevent too much ink from flowing out and spreading in the fabric.

These paint markers are highly pigmented and the colors pop when applied to fabrics. The only thing you need to look out for is how quickly the pens dry out. Always replace the caps after using them to prevent the nibs from drying out.


  • Comes in 30 fun colors
  • The ink is permanent when set in fabrics
  • Come with bullet tips that are great for fine detailing
  • Highly pigmented


  • The paint pens dry out quickly

EKKONG Permanent Paint Markers

This brand is included on our best paint pens for canvas list because of its remarkable performance. It has medium solid tips for good coverage, the paint flows smoothly, and the markers are great for most surfaces like wood, metal, and ceramic.

These paint pens are oil-based and are highly resistant to water and abrasion. They may take some time to dry compared to water-based paints, but the pigments are rich and vibrant and are long-lasting.


  • Rich and vibrant colors that last long
  • Water-resistant
  • Medium tips are great for smooth application and fine detailing


  • If the nibs are over-depressed, the nib may release excess paint

Alerie Acrylic Paint Pens

This set has 24 acrylic paint pens. It has 12 fine tips and 12 reversible tips. These paint markers can be applied on rocks, fabrics, glasses, and plastics among others. They are water-based and non-toxic.

The only issue encountered with these pens is that they aren’t well absorbed on the surfaces mentioned above as well as they are on paper. Despite this limitation, these pens still perform well and execute their purpose perfectly.


  • Comes in 12 colors, with 3 types of nibs/tips
  • Applicable to a variety of surfaces
  • Water-based and non-toxic
  • Resistant to abrasion


  • Applications on other surfaces than paper may require more layers to be vibrant

SANXIA Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

This paint pen set is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, comprised of 12 vibrant colors. They are quick-drying, free-flowing, and waterproof.

These paint pens are suitable for DIY craftworks, greeting cards, and painting on canvas. The pens have great coverage with highly pigmented and opaque ink.


  • Waterproof
  • Quick-drying
  • Safe to use of metal, glass, wood, etc.
  • Great for both beginners are professionals
  • Money-back guaranteed


  • The colors go weak over time

Kuretake Zig Posterman Paint Markers

These water-based paint markers are ideal for creating vivid and graphic signages, especially on wood signs. They are highly opaque and waterproof.

It is suitable for paper, plastic, wood, metal, glass, and more. It is lightfast and odorless.


  • Waterproof and durable
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used as face paint


  • On the expensive side compared to other brands

Sakura Pen-Touch Paint Markers

These pen paints feature archival-quality ink, which means they won’t fade for a long time. They are compatible with various surfaces including glass, porcelain, wood, paper, plastic, and metal. The pens are waterproof, almost odorless, and xylene-free.


  • Does not bleed when used on paper
  • Works well on any surface
  • Brilliant and highly pigmented ink


  • Can go patchy over time
  • Tips will fray when used on paper

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Paint Pens Used for?

Paint pens are used in many different applications. You can use them for drawings, illustrations, and paintings, for making graphic signages, for DIY craftwork, for labeling, and many more. Your imagination is the limit.

Do Paint Pens Bleed on Canvas?

Some do especially when the ink is thin and watery. Test out your paint pens first on scrap pieces of canvas to find out before using them on your actual artwork. The ideal paint pen ink has a thick consistency so it will only stick on top of the canvas instead of being absorbed in it.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Paint Pens for Canvas?

The main advantage of using paint pens is that they are extremely easy to use. You won’t need to use paintbrushes to apply them and they are very easy to grip and control. The downside of using these tools is that you’ll need to buy a lot of them because if you paint frequently, you’ll tend to use them all up soon enough.

Final Thoughts

And that concludes our list of the best paint pens for a canvas that you can find in the market. Of course, there are other brands that are equally just as good, but this is our own opinion.

With the insane number of products available online, I’m sure you’ll feel overwhelmed if you don’t know where to start. Make this post a guide to get you familiar with the great products you can choose from.

We hope this post will help you on your purchasing journey. Don’t forget to hit us up in the comments section about your thoughts.

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